Car Care 101: What Is Car Detailing?

If the inside and outside of your car is beginning to look a bit worse for wear, you should start looking into hiring a car detailing service. These services can take your car and make it look brand new, straight from the dealership. What exactly can you expect from one of these services? In this video, you can learn the ins and outs of this important automotive service.

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There are two main types of car detailing: exterior and interior. While exterior detailing might just sound like a basic car wash to you, it’s anything but. Yes, you can expect the outside of your car to be washed during an exterior detailing service, but they will also polish, seal, and wax your car. They can also clay your car, which helps to remove any fibers, residents, or other contaminants from the outside of your car before polishing.

An interior detailing service can include vacuuming, removing stains from the carpets, steam cleaning, window and other glass cleaning, leather cleaning, and performing, so your car can both look and smell brand new.

There are other services you might be able to expect from car detailing services, such as paint chip repair and ceramic coating. If you’re interested in these services, make sure you talk to your auto detailer ahead of time to learn what they offer.


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