Why the Police Are Often Essential After a Car Accident in Memphis

Motorists in Florida get into minor fender benders daily. Although some people believe that having local law enforcement come to the scene after a mishap is unnecessary when only minor damage is involved, police hiring is in your best interests, no matter how minor the accident is.

No Legal Requirement to Involve the Police for Many Accidents

Many accidents don’t require the police to visit the scene of an accident. The only times when you have a legal obligation to call the police is when an accident produces serious injuries or death.

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In these cases, motorists must remain on the scene until police arrive to investigate.

Three Reasons Why Police Reports are Important

A police accident report, also known as a Florida crash report, can backup your accident claim for the following three reasons:

  • The report is an official record stating who was involved in the accident along with what happened
  • Police officers on the scene will perform an initial investigation of the mishap, interviewing all parties involved, plus any witnesses
  • Physical evidence, including vehicle damage, debris, skid marks and other evidence will receive official documentation

Police Reports Make Claims Easier

Whether accident victims need to file a claim with their insurance company or against the other motorist for damages, the official report makes proving your claim easier, thereby increasing your chances for compensation.


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