How Do I Find Mercedes OEM Parts for My Auto Shop?

If you’re looking for genuine Mercedes OEM parts for your auto shop but don’t want to deal with Mercedes dealers, you’re not alone. The attached video describes this avoidance as not wanting to deal with people who have zero experience running the parts department of a dealership, much less one for older cars. We’ll explore how to find Mercedes OEM parts for your auto shop.

Video Source

More Affordable Than Believed

New Mercedes parts don’t have to be as expensive as you might believe as a lot of dealerships and websites linked to dealerships will often offer 20% off of the price. There are websites where you can type in the parts number and it will provide the list price, which you can take to your local dealer.

Where to Find Parts

The video mentions a few places to find Mercedes OEM parts for your auto shop. There’s Husker Automotive out of Lincoln, Nebraska, that gives about 30% off, and Classic Center has parts for Mercedes built before 1972. A lot of dealerships will give wholesale pricing to those who buy a lot from them.

Regardless of your question about finding Mercedes OEM parts for your vehicle, it’s a good idea to reach out for assistance. No matter what price you see online, it’s essential to check the list price for the part before you decide to purchase it.


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